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This article outlines the effect of the collaborative educational tool Vi LLE when learning business mathematics in higher education. Vi LLE validates students' answers during the assessment process and provides immediate feedback, enabling students to receive feedback and guidance about the correctness of their answers. The learning results in the…. Quarterly report, July-September This volume of the LLE Review contains articles on the first beam uv experiments on the OMEGA laser system, the use of absorption spectroscopy to diagnose high-density compressions, the development of a new target fabrication technique to coat mechanically unsupported laser-fusion targets with a parylene layer, the use of liquid crystals as laser-beam apodizers, the investigation of the process of melting using a subpicosecond probe, the development of a new picosecond oscilloscope, and the National Laser Users Facility activities for June-September Tarkoituksena on Combined determination of serum type IV collagen with urine Tamm -Horsfall protein and albumin for early diagnosis in diabetic retinopathy.

Objective: To study the relationship between changes of serum type IV collagen, urine Tamm -horsfall protein, albumin and development of diabetic retinopathy DR in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Results: Values of the three markers were significantly different among the three groups of patients p Tamm -Horsfall protein and albumin were sensitive indicators in predicting diabetic retinopathy.

Restricted second random phase approximations and Tamm -Dancoff approximations for electronic excitation energy calculations. In this article, we develop systematically second random phase approximations RPA and Tamm -Dancoff approximations TDA of particle-hole and particle-particle channels for calculating molecular excitation energies. The restricted versions of second RPAs and TDAs are tested with various small molecules to show some positive results. The negative bias of the r2ph-TDA may be induced by the unaccounted ground state correlation energy to be investigated further.

Overall, the r2ph-TDA is recommended to study systems with both single and some low-lying double excitations with a moderate accuracy. Tamm -plasmon and surface-plasmon hybrid-mode based refractometry in photonic bandgap structures.

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The transverse magnetic TM polarized hybrid modes formed as a consequence of coupling between Tamm plasmon polariton TM-TPP mode and surface plasmon polariton SPP mode exhibit interesting dispersive features for realizing a highly sensitive and accurate surface plasmon resonance SPR sensor. We found that the TM-TPP modes, formed at the interface of distributed Bragg reflector and metal, are strongly dispersive as compared to SPP modes at optical frequencies.

The possibility to achieve desired dispersive behavior in any spectral band makes the sensing configuration an extremely attractive candidate to design sensors depending on the availability of optical sources. Temperature-mediated transition from Dyakonov- Tamm surface waves to surface-plasmon-polariton waves. The effect of changing the temperature on the propagation of electromagnetic surface waves ESWs , guided by the planar interface of a homogeneous isotropic temperature-sensitive material namely, InSb and a temperature-insensitive structurally chiral material SCM was numerically investigated in the terahertz frequency regime.

As the temperature rises, InSb transforms from a dissipative dielectric material to a dissipative plasmonic material. Correspondingly, the ESWs transmute from Dyakonov- Tamm surface waves into surface-plasmon-polariton waves.

The effects of the temperature change are clearly observed in the phase speeds, propagation distances, angular existence domains, multiplicity, and spatial profiles of energy flow of the ESWs. Remarkably large propagation distances can be achieved; in such instances the energy of an ESW is confined almost entirely within the SCM. For certain propagation directions, simultaneous excitation of two ESWs with i the same phase speeds but different propagation distances or ii the same propagation distances but different phase speeds are also indicated by our results.

Verni Leivak. Vanalinnastuudio muusikal "Cabaret". Lisaks nende tutvustus "Kolm graatsiat". Samas ka karikatuur. Research summaries cover: progress in laser fusion; diagnostic development; laser and optical technology; and advanced technology for laser targets.

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Mida teie oma tervise heaks teete? The meaning of epiphenomenalism for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy is analyzed. Easy Listening esitleb : Villu Tamme diskorina. Rebekka Lotman ; komment. Tagasivaade oksjonitele. Highlights among new results include the identification of exotic species, specialisations in fishing and hunting at the level of regions and individual settlements, temporal size-changes of red deer, extinction Abstract Results from new analyses of eleven newly excavated animal bone assemblages from settlements in four regions in Stone Age Denmark Vendsyssel, the Limfjord area, East Central Jutland and Northern Zealand are presented and discussed together with reviews of previously studied bone The study focuses on exploitation of marine and terrestrial animal resources and early animal This volume of the LLE Review, covering the period July-September , features a theoretical analysis of a process that generates mass perturbations of an imploding target driven by modulated laser illumination.

The process, referred to as laser imprint, impacts the integrity of the shell during direct-drive implosions, potentially quenching target performance. In this article V. Goncharov, J. Delettrez, S. Skupsky, and R. Town present a model of the generation of mass perturbations and analyze the mass perturbation growth due to nonuniform ablation pressure. Stabilizing mechanisms of thermal conduction smoothing and mass ablation are shown to suppress the acceleration perturbation, and mass ablation is also shown to impact velocity perturbations.

The model predicts that a direct-drive cryogenic NIF target will remain intact during the implosion when l-Thz SSD beam smoothing is used. Cadmium toxicity studies under long term-low level exposure LLE conditions. A long term-low level exposure LLE experiment was conducted on rats to determine the metabolic patterns for realistic dietary levels of cadmium. Male rats fed with 61 ppb of cadmium ad libitum, 50 labelled with Cd radiotracer as cadmium chloride via drinking mineral water and 11 unlabelled via food for 2 years.

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The diet was characterized in its metal content by neutron activation analysis to obtain the total dietary intake of different elements. The kidney was found to be the tissue with the major concentration of cadmium which accumulated continuously during the experiment. The variation of the accumulation pattern of Cd concentration in the liver and intestine indicated an initial rapid increase of Cd during the first days.


After this period an apparent equilibrium was attained in both these tissues until the end of the study. Dialysis experiments indicated that significant amounts of cadmium were able to be associated with cellular organelles, the mitochondria representing the most important organelle capable of binding cadmium.

The cytoplasmatic Cd-profiles obtained at various stages of the experiment showed that the metal was only bound to a low-molecular-weight component, cadmium-binding protein CdBP , which represents the specific cellular-binding component for cadmium under the long term-low level exposure LLE conditions. No significant variations in the concentrations of the elements in different organs were observed in animals supplemented with Cd in respect to Cd untreated controls.

Arvustus: Crusading and chronicle writing on the medieval Baltic frontier : a companion to the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia. Verlag Ashgate. Farnham, Group-theoretical deduction of a dyadic Tamm -Dancoff equation by using a matrix-valued generator coordinate. The traditional Tamm -Dancoff TD method is one of the standard procedures for solving the Schroedinger equation of fermion many-body systems. However, it meets a serious difficulty when an instability occurs in the symmetry-adapted ground state of the independent particle approximation IPA and when the stable IPA ground state becomes of broken symmetry.

If one uses the stable but broken symmetry IPA ground state as the starting approximation, TD wave functions also become of broken symmetry. On the contrary, if we start from a symmetry-adapted but unstable wave function, the convergence of the TD expansion becomes bad. Thus, the requirements of symmetry and rapid convergence are not in general compatible in the conventional TD expansion of the systems with strong collective correlations.

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Along the same line as Fukutome's, we give a group-theoretical deduction of a U n dyadic TD equation by using a matrix-valued generator coordinate. Part 2. Both methods were compared evaluating their performance in discriminating and classifying samples. For this purpose 62 different seizures were analysed using both extraction techniques followed by gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy GC-MS.

After suitable pre-treatment, similarities between sample pairs were studied using the Pearson correlation. Both methods enable to distinguish between samples coming from the same pre-tabletting batches and samples coming from different pre-tabletting batches. The generalized quasi-chemical GEM-QC model proposed by Wang and Vera is modified to correlate better the phase equilibrium and to overcome the shortcoming of the original model to predict the lower critical solution temperature LCST of binary polymer solutions.

This shortcoming is mainly because the GEM-QC model does not consider the effect of free-volume, which is important in systems containing molecules with large size differences. The proposed modification is based on replacing the combinatorial term of the GEM-QC model by a term proposed by Kontogerogis et al. Mutant tamm -horsfall glycoprotein accumulation in endoplasmic reticulum induces apoptosis reversed by colchicine and sodium 4-phenylbutyrate. As a consequence of uromodulin gene mutations, individuals develop precocious hyperuricemia, gout, and progressive renal failure. It was hypothesized that programmed cell death triggered by accumulation of misfolded THP in the ER causes progressive renal disease.

Stably transfected human embryonic kidney cells and immortalized thick ascending limb of Henle's loop cells with wild-type and mutated uromodulin cDNA were evaluated to test this hypothesis. FACS analyses showed a significant increase in early apoptosis signal in human embryonic kidney and thick ascending limb of Henle's loop cells that were transfected with mutant uromodulin constructs.

Colchicine and sodium 4-phenylbutyrate treatment increased secretion of THP from the ER to the cell membrane and into the culture media and significantly improved cell viability. These findings indicate that intracellular accumulation of THP facilitates apoptosis and that this may provide the pathologic mechanism responsible for the progressive renal damage associated with uromodulin gene mutations.

Colchicine and sodium 4-phenylbutyrate reverse these processes and could potentially be beneficial in ameliorating the progressive renal damage in uromodulin-associated kidney diseases. Stockholm, The ionic liquid 1-ethylmethylimidazolium thiocyanate [EMIM][SCN] is a promising solvent to separate ethylbenzene and styrene by extractive distillation. The NRTL model can properly describe the experimental results.

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The rRMSD is only 0. The measured data are reported along with regressed binary interaction parameters for UNIQUAC-HOC activity coefficient model and further analyzed through distribution coefficients and selectivity for furfural. Out of the two solvents, cyclopentyl methyl ether presents a very high selectivity along with good distribution coefficient in the entire temperature range.

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Liquid-liquid extraction LLE using various solvents was studied for recovery of acetic acid from a synthetic ethanol fermentation broth. The microbial fermentation of sugars presented in hydrolyzate gives rise to acetic acid as a byproduct. In order to obtain pure ethanol for use as a biofuel, fermentation broth should be subjected to acetic acid removal step and the recovered acetic acid can be put to industrial use.

Textual Cultures: Texts, Contexts, Interpretation

Ethyl acetate EtOAc , tri-n-octylphosphine oxide TOPO , tri-n-octylamine TOA , and tri-n-alkylphosphine oxide TAPO were utilized as solvents, and the extraction potential of each solvent was evaluated by varying the organic phase-to-aqueous phase ratios as 0. In a single-stage batch extraction, A higher solvent-to-feed ratio resulted in an increase in the ethanol-to-acetic acid ratio, which decreased both acetic acid purity and acetic acid extraction yield.

The acid-base buffer capacity of podzolic soils and its changes under the impact of treatment with the Mehra-Jackson and Tamm reagents. The acid-base buffer capacity before and after the treatment with the Mehra-Jackson and Tamm reagents was assessed by continuous potentiometric titration for the main genetic horizons of two profiles of podzolic soils in the Central Forest State Reserve. The total buffer capacity was calculated in the pH range from the initial titration point ITP to 3 for the acid titration and from the ITP to 10 for the base titration, as well as the buffer capacities in the pH intervals of 0.

The high direct linear correlation of the difference between the total base buffer capacities before and after each treatment with the content of Fe in the Tamm extract was revealed. From the results obtained, a conclusion was drawn that finely dispersed Fe hydroxides were the main solid-phase constituents ensuring the base buffer capacity, and the deprotonation of hydroxyl groups on the surface of Fe hydroxides was the essential buffer reaction during the base titration.

In northern Germany, modern freshwater fish samples can have very high apparent radiocarbon ages up to years. Conversely, if we can demonstrate radiocarbon age 'offsets' in such samples, we can often attribute them to the exploitation of freshwater food resources.