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ER Wait Times

Wait time provides students time to percolate a question down through their brain cells and create an appropriate response.

Working to Improve Wait Times Across Canada

After you ask a question, let it percolate in students' heads for a while. And after a student responds, let the response percolate as well.

Believe me, you'll wind up with a much better brew in your classroom. Adding wait time to your teaching repertoire will, perhaps more than any other teaching strategy, have the greatest impact on student performance. However, it's only fair to tell you that it looks simpler than it is.

It may be for you, as it has always been for me, one of the greatest teaching challenges you will ever face simply because teachers are uncomfortable with classroom silence. We tend to abhor it, often believing that learning can't really be going on in a quiet classroom. But with practice, you'll begin to see the incredible benefits of wait time! All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

Coaching for Interview Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Inclusion. Adapt Lessons to Reach All Students.

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Asking students for quick answers is a bad idea. Here's why.

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You ask a lot of questions in class - and probably get frustrated by the poorly-thought-out answers you receive. Here's an idea: Give your students time to think about your questions before asking for an answer. This is called "wait time," and it dramatically improves the length, diversity, and quality of the answers your students will give to the questions you ask. Read on for more ways to use this go-to teaching strategy for nearly any type of in-class inquiry.

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Your Secret Weapon: Wait Time Listen in on many classrooms at all levels, and you'll probably hear teachers asking question after question. A Most Interesting Solution Is this a problem? Believe it or not, this simple act produces significant and profound changes in the classroom, including: The length of student responses increases to percent. Turn off more accessible mode. If you believe you are having an emergency - call The most critical patients are seen first.

Printable materials Poster - "Who goes first in Emergency? Why am I waiting? Who goes first and how is urgency of a patient's need determined? People who have the most urgent need — for example, those involved in a vehicle collision, whose hearts have stopped beating, or at risk of dying — are seen first.

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Second to be seen are the very urgent cases — examples include those with chest pain, trouble breathing, or with large broken bones. Third are the urgent cases — including those with asthma attacks, stomach pains or high fever, etc. Less urgent are those, for example, who need stitches, have smaller broken bones, or a sore ear, eye or throat. Not urgent are those who need stitches removed, or who need a prescription renewal. My doctor instructed me to go to emergency for a procedure or test. Why do I have to wait?

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